Election Commission:
Barbara Haymer

Willie M. Thomas

Gretta Winters

Anita Freeman

Examining Board:
Deyoung Haymer

Buddy Taggart

Harvey Williams

Historical Preservation Commission:
George Dixon

Kim McCoy

Betty Simmons

Craig Wooten

Miranda Purvis

Sharon Magee

Yolanda Curry

Housing Authority Members:
Mamie Williams

Herbert Scott Jr.

Veronica Starling

Danny Neely

Carolyn Johnson

Parks and Recreation Commission:
Joffree Washington

Johnathan Hooker

Seneca Anderson

Gary Haymer

Marcus Straughter

Delosia Miller

Planning and Zoning Commission Members:
Daniel Pender

Oliver Sampson

Joe Freeman

David Younger

M.L. Coleman

Public Service Commission:
Robert Coleman

Edna Rogers

Johnny Wilson

Debra Crook

William Nelson

Triangle Cultural Center Board:
Phyllis Haynes

Queen Street Lewis

Joe Henry Smith

Yazoo Port Commission:
John Howie

Van Ray

Pattie Wright